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Brat is the first in a series of at least four novels about U.S. military brats.

The first book Brat: Kids of Warriors, by Amazon Best Selling Author Michael Joseph Lyons, centers on Army brat Jack McMasters, a reluctant hero who arrives in post-war Germany when his dad gets stationed with 4thArmored division on the free side of the Iron Curtain. It’s 1957 and Jack soaks up war stories he overhears about WW II.

Longing to make his father proud and become the worthy kid of a warrior, he struggles to adapt to this new culture. Jack musters a small band of brats and together they create their own grand adventures on and off the base.  But the play turns serious when they accidentally come across a Communist spy, one they can’t prove exists. Jack realizing he must somehow convince the adults there is indeed a spy who represents a real threat to the 4th Armored Division. As the story concludes the 3,000 enemy tanks routinely pointed at them from the other side of the Iron Curtain seem anything but routine.

Winner of the 2018 Beverly Hills Book Award

for Young Adult Fiction

Winner of the 2019 Feathered Quill Book Award

Silver Medal for Teen Fiction


  1. 9-15-2017

    I just order your book can’t wait to read. Hope all is well . Miss you guys 😄

    • 3-16-2019

      he came over to my chay teen center and he read some of the book it was great

      • 4-22-2019

        It was a great honor to be able to talk with today’s Army Brats. That are the future leaders of tomorrow.

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