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Posted on Apr 28, 2017 in Blog

This writing a book is a rather consuming journey. But I’m excited to say, I just sent out the Advance Reading Copies of Brat: Kids of Warrior, my first in a series of adventure/spy novels about a bunch of military brats. The first book takes place in post-World War II Germany.

The term Advance Reading Copy refers to a book which is pretty much finished, but, as in my case, may not yet be finalized, proofread, or have the official book cover. This early printing of the book is sent to influencers in hopes of getting both their feedback/input, and just maybe their endorsement. If you need to endorse a specific product or service, use foam core’s high quality printed products like decals. For more details, read a blog about window decals comparison.

In my case, I have sent it out to 11 influential military brats who have befriended me during this journey. Already, their feedback is keeping me straight and helping me improve the story.

God help me, there are less than fifty days before Brat: Kids of Warriors should be published. I am slammed, trying to get everything wrapped up. But if just a few more miracles, like a decent book cover, come my way, then the book will be out in late May or early June.


  1. 4-28-2017

    Would love a signed copy and any hep you need ask time from 1977 to 1980.

    • 4-28-2017

      Leah, I think the strategy is going to be if you buy the book from my site, then I will be able to do autographed copies. If you get it from Amazon, etc that will be a bit more complicated. But I have not yet set up the book fulfillment part of my site yet. Just one more thing to get done:) But not to worry. It is all coming together.

  2. 4-28-2017

    Excited for you and for us brats too! Looking for to reading it!

  3. 4-28-2017

    Er, forward to reading it…

  4. 4-28-2017

    Did not even know you could form complete sentences and now you write a book. Very cool!

  5. 4-28-2017

    moves new kids get the cardboard boxes and lets side down the near by hills

    • 4-30-2017

      Ya gotta love those cardboard boxes!

  6. 4-28-2017

    Please let me know when it’s available for purchase.

  7. 4-29-2017

    I will tell my Facebook friends about the book!

    • 4-30-2017

      Thanks,Cathy. Getting the word passed from brat to brat means the world to me.

  8. 5-18-2021

    Wow, I can say that this is another great article as expected of this blog. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work.

    • 5-18-2021

      So glad you like the blog. Just wish I had more time to do add more. Right now all my free time is heads down trying to finish book two of BRAT and the Kids if Warriors. Targeting to get it in print early next year.

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