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Posted on Nov 2, 2018 in Book Reviews

I have been so fortunate to have a fabulous group of advance readers for BRAT and the Kids of Warriors. Just look at their wonderful endorsements.

“I absolutely love this book. Reading it made me feel like a kid again, right there in Germany. Jack McMasters is a true brat.”
Michelle Miller, Army Brat                                                                      Administrator for Facebook Group,                                                               “You’re Probably A Military Brat If . . .”

“BRAT and the Kids of Warriors is an adventure story like no other, one that could only happen to military brats. The novel gives you a behind-the-scenes base pass. It takes the reader into a war zone where giant armies have massed, and espionage abounds.

BRAT is an insider’s glimpse into our military families. Jack and his sisters live a life of great freedom, but at the same time great responsibility. Set in the 1950s, BRAT and the Kids of Warriors highlights the silent fears of the Cold War era and its impact on those military families who helped defend our way of life.

It also shows an often unheralded part of the Civil Rights Movement: full integration of our Armed Forces, from base housing, to ranks, to schools.”
Misty Corrales, Air Force Brat                                                                      Administrator for Facebook Group,                                                                        “BRATS: Honoring Our Heritage”

“I couldn’t put this book down. It was like reading my own story. . . . Though the details were different, I saw me in this story. I saw what happened to me. All brats will see some of themselves, if not in one character, then in another, and kids who aren’t military brats will wish they were.”
Joseph Condrill, Army Brat                                                                                          Founder, Overseas Brats

“I loved reading this book. These are true Army brats: adventurous, resourceful, and total social chameleons. They have grit and determination; it is how we all survive as military brats. This is a book that fully captures what many don’t understand—the constant moving, deployments, stresses, and resilience of military brats.”
Gavin Sylvia, Army Brat                                               Currently stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky

“I think a lot of brats that lived the military life are going to enjoy reliving their childhood through this story . . . and that young people today (wherever they are from) are going to wish they could live such great adventures. I really loved BRAT and the Kids of Warriors . . . and can’t wait till the next one.
Mimi Harris, Air Force Brat                                       Administrator for Facebook Group, “Overseas Brats”

The book will be out by July 15, but if you would like to pre-order a signed copy just go to

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