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Posted on Aug 15, 2015 in Other Brat Stories

Story by  Caathi Warren


   From 1974 until 1977 I lived in Spangdahlem, Germany with my parents and my older brother.  My father was stationed at the Spangdahlem Air Force Base, but we actually lived off base in a small German village called Herforst.  I was four years old when we arrived and seven when we returned to the good old USA.  I cherish the memories I gathered over those years.  This is just one of them.

The Eve of St. Nick

In Germany they celebrate St. Nicholas Day each year on December 6th. For the celebration St. Nick shows up the night before bringing gifts to the good little kids.

The most frightening experience I had was when St. Nicholas and Black Peter visited our home around Christmas time. Sure enough St. Nick brought us bags of candy.However, I was horrified by the burlap sack that Black Peter carried over his shoulder.  The bag had children's legs sticking out of it. I vividly remember the legs having stripped stockings on them. Our landlord told us they were the bad children that were being taken from their homes by Black Peter. What an incentive for children to behave!  I was sure there were real children in that bag.  I didn't misbehave again until I was a teenager!


                          My brother and me during the visit with St. Nick and Black Peter in 1974

There we were standing in the doorway to our home in Herforst, Germany.   Despite the bags of candy we held in our hands, we do NOT look thrilled with our visitors–closer to terrified! Our landlord is in the photo, you can just see his face in the background behind St. Nicholas’ staff. My dad's sure he brought them over to visit us because he liked us so much.  How nice.  : /  

This should probably be adopted as a world-wide tradition!

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