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Posted on Aug 19, 2015 in Cooke Barracks, Photos

In the book Brat: Kids of Warriors Charlie, Sam and Jayla lived in the far left stairwell of The Glass House (Far left side of the photo). Jack and the McMasters lived in the right had stairwell of The Glass House. Kevin Duncan lived in the duplex on The Circle. The second one closest to The Glass House.


  1. 3-9-2019

    Planning at 96th birthday brunch for my mother, I asked each of my siblings to email an individual memory that I would compile so that the toasts might contain detail and substance rather than vague and maudlin musings.

    Because our years in Goeppingen living in the Glass House were filled with idyllic memories, I decided to google the town to see if any remnants of Cooke Barracks had survived. And I found your photos of The Glass House, The Circle, The Cliff, the airfield below, even the movie theatre! I can name so many of the families who lived there: The Trahans, the Duncans, he Tituses, the Orths. And I know my siblings can name more. I will print your photo and take it to my mother tomorrow.

    • 3-9-2019

      Patricia, this is unbelievable we knew all these people. You and your siblings might get a big kick out of my book, BRAT and the Kids of Warriors, since it takes place at Cooke Barracks in 1957, and most of the characters in the book live in the Glass house. You should go get a copy on Amazon:)

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