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Posted on Jan 10, 2018 in Video

BRAT and the Kids of Warriors Launches at German American Friendship Week Celebration

Göppingen, Germany

I wrote BRAT, in part, to make Cooke Barracks come alive again. The US Army base I called home in the fifties was decommissioned in 1992. Getting deeper into my story, I realized German American Friendship Week and the German-American bond was key to the plot. Two local German kids became essential friends and allies in this book . . . and especially the next. As I readied BRAT and the Kids of Warriors for press, I learned the Germans living near the base wanted Cooke Barracks to come alive again, too. The City of Göppingen was reenacting German American Friendship Week as “Remember Cooke Barracks” on July 2, 2017, for the 25th anniversary of its closing.

I couldn’t resist launching BRAT right where it happened. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of German American Friendship Week and the book launch that started BRAT’s rise to Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers List.

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